Moscow Has Nice Weather  (2020) 

3D Animation, 4K Dual-Channel Video Installation with 2.1 Sound, Poetry 

Infinite loop 


“Moscow Has Nice Weather” is inspired by my recent trips taking Aeroflot (Russian Airlines) from Shanghai to Berlin. The dual-channel video installation is composed of phone footages of in-flight screens, poems I wrote about intercontinental traveling, and 3D rendered images. The animation’s repetitive audio-visuality puts viewers in contemplation of the future’s unpredictability. The project emphasizes the process of travel as a temporal experience and an act of becoming. It suggests that liminality, as an essential state of uncertainty, can also be unveiled as the breeding ground for new creative activities.


The work is displayed as a dual-channel video installation. Two LCD screens are installed on metal floor stands, which resembles the look of the information kiosk in airports. 

animation stills and Installation shot

Blow, Come  (2020) 

HD Single-Channel Video with 2.1 Sound 

Infinite loop 


Also inspired by the international flight trip, Blow, Come depicts an "unreal" Eurasian air attendant found in the in-flight safety manual, who constantly tries to seduce the viewer to go to the unknown future.

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