Moscow Has Nice Weather (2020) 

3D Animation, 4K Dual-Channel Video Installation with 2.1 Sound 

Infinite loop 

Moscow Has Nice Weather is a dual-channel video installation composed of phone footages capturing information on in-flight screens, two poems I wrote about intercontinental traveling, and 3D rendered images. 


As an important visual component of the composition, the spinning poems serve not only as notations of my journey, but also invitations to viewers to explore my honest thought process. The 3D rendered fonts are created in a virtual-reality environment with digital sculpting technique. They bear an ambiguous identity being both 2D and 3D, graphic and concrete, fluid and static. The texts resonate with me as a global nomad, with a sense of not belonging anywhere but simultaneously carrying a part of every world.


The animation’s repetitive and hypnotic audiovisual components put viewers in a state of contemplation - an exploration into the unpredictability of a forthcoming future. Through this piece, I intend to create a proposition of focusing on the process of travel as a temporal experience, which embodies the ontology of one’s life. The gesture of traveling per se is more significant than the destination. Travel is not a trivial task for one, it is metaphysical.


animation stills of Moscow Has Nice Weather


Installation Shot 

Blow, Come (2020) 

HD Single-Channel Video with 2.1 Sound 

Infinite loop 

Inspired by my recent trip taking Aeroflot (Russian Airlines) from Shanghai to Berlin, Blow, Come depicts an "attractive" Eurasian air attendant found in the in-flight safety manual, who constantly tries to seduce the viewer to go to the unknown future.

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