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['penthaus]  (2017)


Two Channel Synchronized Video Installation with 5.1 Surround sound, 3D animation, Infinite loop

Sound by Tim Fodness

A story in the old Chinese book A New Account of the Tales of the World has stayed on my mind. In the story, the Wei Jin period drunk poet Liu Ling was lying wasted and naked in his house and claimed the universe as his house, and his house as his underpants. In [’penthaus], I fabricated a metaphorical virtual house with 3D models of a common pair of jeans and daily objects and created a pig without back-limbs as the main character. It poses an allegorical question: the notion of both the house and the pants are obscure to this character, and at the same time, he has no choice but to live in these pants that he can never fit on. 


The animation clips in the project depicts ambiguous spaces that collect the articles of my tangible or digital consumptions. The slow-paced animations look nearly like a collection of photographs that appropriate my real surroundings. In [’penthaus], the virtual spaces are both macroscopic and microscopic, the time is both moving and still, and as a character of ambivalences, the pig is both auspicious and melancholy.


installation shots, Between Art Lab, Beijing, 2017


© 2023 by Frank WANG Yefeng, all rights reserved

Pants as House

Installation Shot

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