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Experimental 3D animation, 4K duel channel video, 2.1 sound (11 minutes 3 seconds), installation, digital photograph, sculptures
Cello improvisation by Jacob Cohen

“ROTATION METHOD” is video installation combined experimental 3D animation and digital printing on canvas. The title is in reference to Soren Kierkegaard’s theory of the same name, which proposes a mechanism used to avoid boredom, but eventually leads to a state of despair. The film depicts a surreal exploration of a traveler in a gold plated racing helmet, accompanied by a dog with a phonograph head. The protagonist’s expedition brings him pleasure, but at the same time leads him to difficult circumstances. The dog as his companion, is a symbol of metaphor of life. Tension exists between the two, as the dog penetrates the traveler’s body with its spinning apparatus on the head. When the traveler was killed by the dog, the two continue on their journey, a cycle between life, death and an infinite exploration.


ROTATION METHOD - Crossing the Alps  (2018) 


Digital Photography, archival inkjet print; 64 x 64 inches, framed


“ROTATION METHOD – Crossing the Alps” is a digital photograph featuring characters found in the animated short film “ROTATION METHOD.” This image references Kehinde Wiley’s contemporary appropriation of Neoclassical painter Jacques-Louis David’s five paintings of Napoleon Bonaparte. This project plays with cultural diversity by fusing artists from three different generations and ethnic backgrounds. The fantastical renderings and spontaneous manuscripts explore the idea of misidentification in an era of complexity, whilst the pseudo heroic gesture of the characters allude to the unpredictability of the forthcoming events.


sketch of the installation view for BRIC Biennial 2018

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