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Moscow Has Nice Weather  (2020) 

3D Animation, 4K Dual-Channel Video Installation with 2.1 Sound, Poetry 

Infinite loop 


Moscow Has Nice Weather comprises phone footage of in-flight screens, poems about the uncertainty of intercontinental traveling, and 3D rendered images. The repetitive audio-visuality of its animation suspends viewers in contemplation and emphasizes the process of travel as an essential spatio-temporal experience of becoming. Several lines of poetry manifest the unknown future’s mixture of anxiety and freedom: “I wish I could drive across the Pacific Ocean / Do your best to enjoy the journey / To the abyss of unknown.” The work is displayed as a dual-channel video installation. Two LCD screens are installed on metal floor stands, which resembles the look of the information kiosk in airports. 


animation stills and Installation shot

© 2023 by Frank WANG Yefeng, all rights reserved

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