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BIRDS Volume II - SO SAD   (2021)

Experimental 3D animation, HD single-channel video, 2.1 sound;

4 minutes

BIRDS Volume II is a collection of 3D animation shorts that provokes contemplation on nomadism and the characters of "inbetweenness." The animations splice stories derive from an international trip in Europe. In the stories, the characters appear as invisible ghosts who levitate around us. They witness their surroundings while constantly being neglected - a metaphor for the ambivalent life of the Other in societies.

BIRDS Volume II - SO SAD is inspired by a graffitied bird spotted in Dresden. In its story, a conversation unravels between the bird on the wall and a tourist. The animation juxtaposes graffiti as a symbol of free expression and a law that marks graffitis as vandalism to revisit the notion of freedom. 


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