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Digital photograph, 3D rendering, archival inkjet print


Installation shots

The Drifting Stages 貳  (2016)


Video Installation, 3D animation, Infinite loop

The Drifting Stages is a series of 3D rendered images and animations resonates my experience living in the US. I first came to the US from China a decade ago, then began studying and working here. During the process, I have been moving about once a year. A constant relocation and the remote distance from my homeland and family brings a feeling of an ongoing instability, an increasingly obscure notion of home, and a strong sense of solitude, which relates to the title, The Drifting Stages.


The project contains a lot of collected objects, memories, and impressions. I consider some of them “unintentional collections”. It includes all the goods I had to gather every time when relocating, to fulfill the necessity of a so-called satisfying life, and they are convenient and overwhelming at the same time. I’m amazed by the repetitive proliferation of these “unintentional collections”. This passive on-going accumulation of material in real life is reflected in the methodology of the making of The Drifting Stages, which randomly collected 3d models and objects are composed in the virtual space and being rendered as animations. 


The outcomes of this depiction are always fragments of irrational structures, innocent but struggling characters, and grotesque props, accompanied with some cuteness and a note of pessimism. They are evidence not only of my continuous relocation, but also the alluring but overheated society. I come to a realization that perhaps the images of this series of artwork show our predicament of living in this over-speeding world where irrational results grow out of the supposedly rational system, and our constant failure of the attempt to escape from it. 

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