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Dyspepsia: A Techno-Existential Intrusion Into The Human Body

February 17, 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The opening party of a multidisciplinary art/performance show with Soylent cocktail served!

In an era that is riddled with the magnificent potentials of cutting-edge technology and the dystopian anxieties that come along with them, we witness the collapse of sciential and sensual systems as well as the blurring of tangible and intangible boundaries. The intruders in our fantasies spill out from our own bodies and minds, inducing gradual corrosion to the very basis of human cognition: the notion of “self”.

Dyspepsia is a duo exhibition by Mattia Casalegno and Yefeng (Frank) Wang, both of whose art practices embody the juxtaposition of high technology and human bodies. For the 3D-printed sculptures, Casalegno uses Soylent as the material to mold classical statues: the prototype of human physicality; while Wang adopts Oculus Touch as a tool to redefine the relationship between everyday objects and disjointed body parts. The video works of both artists experiment with transmutation of existing forms, questioning the ambiguous line between human and machine, organics and inorganics, body and foreign objects, and ultimately, self and others.

Curated by Tansy Xiao, founder of Raincoat Society, independent art critic and curator who traveled and lived in 50+ countries before calling Brooklyn her home.


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