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Curatorial: Infinite Resonance - Joseph Morris

Joseph Morris’s solo exhibition, Infinite Resonance, includes a series of time based 2D algorithmic animation and physical 3D pieces that integrate digital technology into physical work. The pieces, his “emotive machines,” move in real time, and are either programmed to repeat a simple gesture, the act of breathing, or respond to ordinary occurrences, the trillions of particles passing through the spaces of your body every second. The animations use algorithms to infinitely draw lissajou curve patterns based on out of phase circle geometry.

The show contains large-scale sculptures that are intimate and subtle. They rhythmically expand and contract, and seem to move endlessly. The circle-based animations echo this endless quality. They are created with custom software code to draw complex harmonic motion patterns that never fully describe the same repeating image. The final set of work in Infinite Resonance contain pieces that describe and translate invisible spaces. The first uses a series of hand blown glass bells that are activated when solar wind particle data passes through a satellite in space, while the second turns a light on and off through a particle detector in the gallery.

Joseph Morris is a transdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn. In 2015 he was a Harvestworks New Works Resident, and recipient of Pratt Institute’s Faculty Development Grant. Morris holds an MFA in Art and Technology Studies from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, and BFA from SUNY Purchase College. He is currently a visiting professor at Pratt Institute, Industrial Design, teaching classes in physical computing, prototyping, rapid prototyping processes (laser cutting, 3D printing, and CNC milling), and assists students in the deployment of technology in their work. He is an expert craftsman and coder who believes in the possibilities enabled through the integration of technology in the arts.

The exhibition is curated by Frank Yefeng Wang.


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