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BIRDS Volume 1  (2019)

Experimental 3D animation, 4K single-channel video, 2.1 sound

12 minutes 52 seconds

BIRDS Volume I is a series of animations that combine digital characters, poetic writings, and comical cinematography. The series of animated shorts is initially inspired by photos of graffitied birds I collected in different cities over the years when traveling. In the project, birds' images on walls are transformed into anthropomorphic characters to depict people's move in tandem with my poems. It blends the street art of metropolises – where the aggregation of multiple identities and the act of shifting habitats are commonplace –  with cartoon characters I re-create to explore the emotional transformations associated with dislocation and relocation. The project connects the migratory nature of birds to uprooted groups who inhabit new territories to discuss the authentic meaning of "home" in a world of instability - arriving at the conclusion that a real "home" is not a physical location, but an ontological position. 


Animation screenshots and installation shots

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