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BIRDS Volume II - Slow Spectre  (2021)

Experimental 3D animation, HD single-channel video, 2.1 sound; 2 minutes 40 seconds;

Outdoor billboards; various dimensions 

Slow Spectre is constituted by a 3D animation and outdoor billboards in various locations in London, UK. The piece is inspired by a discursive road trip in a remote area in Europe. Away from the primary highroads and large chain gas stations, an absurd bird-shaped mannequin is accidentally encountered at a humble café on a country roadside. The mannequin endlessly waves at the passing vehicles without receiving a response. In the animation, the character appears as an invisible ghost who levitates on the road. It witnesses its surroundings while constantly being neglected. Its sedate sense of time is in contrast to the constant acceleration of the passengers under its eyes. By recontextualizing the character in its solitude, the piece disrupts and slows down people’s rapid life with an uncanny presence. QR codes are printed together with the digitally rendered images on the outdoor billboards, making the passersby stop, scan, and view the animation in the online exhibition. While the accelerationist prediction of emancipation has failed to been realized, this character intends to fulfill an outlook of a “newness” by the gestures of “deceleration” and “disruption.” 

This project is commissioned for Fulfilment Service Ltd, as part of the MA Curating Contemporary Art Program 2021, Royal College of Art in partnership with Gasworks, London)


Outdoor Billboards, London, UK, 2021; Photos Courtesy of Fulfilment Services Ltd.

© 2023 by Frank WANG Yefeng, all rights reserved

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