The House of the Solitary - The Cell Phone (2020) 

Photopolymer 3D printing, Cement casting, QR code; 6 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches


The sculpture is a tangible representation of my affect in the video piece “The House of the Solitary.” The shape is extracted from one of the chapters, “The Cell Phone,” of the animations. The sculpture exists in the physical world as an object of retention. Cast in cement, it holds the weight of my experience during the pandemic both conceptually and physically. The heavy emotions from my lock-down are embodied in the concrete form. When displayed, viewers are encouraged to handle the sculpture, and sense its weight with their own bodies, thus allowing the capacity of emotions to be transmitted between bodies. A QR code is engraved on the back of the sculpture, allowing viewers to scan and connect to a poem of this piece.  

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