Well-Disciplined Kids (2012-13)

Experimental 3D animation, multi-channel video installation

Well – disciplined Kids is a 6 channel video installation. In the work, a dehumanized "made in China" kid character with no facial expression is mass-reproduced in a virtual stage. Emotions and personalities are removed from these characters. The artist mapped his own face in 3D program and applied it as the facial texture onto the kid characters. Considering himself a member of the kids in the scenes, the artist is interested in the dilemma of modern Chinese peoples’ psychological world. The political and authoritative sublime is in contradiction with the morbid behaviors and machine-made facial expression. A combination of innocent kid characters, high-tech killing machines and grotesque figures creates a composition of celebration. It is a celebration of the absent content in a problematic and desolated surrounding.

Web Idol (2011)

Interactive video installation, virtual reality, xbox game controller

In Web Idol, I created an interactive video installation with a game engine. A “Grass Mud Horse” (which is the most famous virtual Idol on Chinese internet) is virtually performed in the interactive game environment. The virtual space is constituted and ornamented by recent internet catchwords and slogans and burning scaffolding.

A Figure (2010)

Video installation, slow motion animation

In A Figure, the pig skull and deer antlers constitute a symbol of dragon in Chinese culture. The body gestures in the images took references from Renaissance paintings, as a memory of how I was systematically trained in western classical styles at art schools in China. In the piece, all of the figures are photo of me; I infinitely reproduce myself. These figures carry  my anxiety, my confusion, my fear, my arrogance, my ideals, my hesitation, my obsession, my ambiguousness of purpose, and so on. Each one of them reflects me, even if they look illusory.


A Carnival (2009)

Digital photography, archival inkjet print

1 2.jpg

Untitled (2009)

Just a long table with a bunch of broken pieces on it...